Wholesome Food Services 2021 Principal of the Year Winner

October was National Principal’s Month and to celebrate, we asked our customers to nominate those stand-out principals. Thank you to everyone who sent in such thoughtful nominations for the  2021 Wholesome Food Services Principal of the Year. It was heartwarming to read how principals positively impact not only your school communities, but your daily lives as well.

We are excited to announce that  Mr. Twarogowski (known as Mr. T) of Denver Academy  is the winner of this year’s contest! 

 One nomination we received for Mr. T said: 

“During the pandemic he created a YouTube channel where he had weekly snippets that left his staff, students and parents of the school in stitches. I see Mr Twarogowski as a man who is true to word, is passionate about creating a kind and supportive school environment, and who absolutely loves to get out of bed and go to his job every day.” 

 Another nominator had this to say about Mr. T: 

 “Absolutely the most authentic, caring, intelligent, insightful and humane individual to ever teach our children and lead a faculty of teacher of the same ilk, who recognize and appreciate the differences, as well as the potential of each student enrolled in Denver Academy!” 

 Mr. Twarogowski will receive a week’s worth of free lunch  from Wholesome Food Services  as our “thank you” for being such a dedicated and beloved principal. 

Congratulations, Mr. T! We are so proud to have wonderful people like you in our Wholesome Food Services family!