Not-So-Ordinary Easter Activities for Kids

Spring has sprung! Which means Easter is around the corner, and with it comes all of the fun activities for your kids. If you are feeling a bit un-inspired this year, or are in a pinch, here are 3 not-so-ordinary Easter activities you can re-create!

  1. Decorate Easter eggs…but with a twist!

Yes, this activity is considered a “traditional” Easter craft, but have you tried stepping outside of the “egg-dying kit” box? This year, try dying your eggs with rice instead! It’s super easy and chances are you already have what you need in your pantry. Pour about a cup of rice into a few bowls, put 10-15 drops of your food coloring of choice into each bowl of rice. Mix the rice until it is nice and saturated with the food coloring. Pour the rice into a plastic baggie, place a hard-boiled or ceramic egg in the baggie and gently shake. Do this for each bowl of rice. You will have a uniquely dyed egg in seconds without the mess.

2. Easter Egg hunt…but make it glow!

If you are stuck indoors this Easter, or are looking for a fun spin on the age old egg hunt, try a glow in the dark hunt! It’s quick, inexpensive, and your kids will think you’re the coolest. All you need are plastic eggs and glow stick bracelets. Crack open the egg, snap the glow bracelet to activate, and stuff it inside the egg along with any small treat you’d like and…voila! You have a glowing egg hunt that even your too-cool-for-school teenagers will enjoy!

3. Gingerbread houses…for peeps!

Making gingerbread houses doesn’t have to be reserved for the Christmas season. Peeps need homes too! This is your chance to get creative with pastel colored candies, green sprinkles for grass, egg-shaped chocolates, and wafers in lieu of a graham cracker house for a different look. Pro tip: hot glue the house together so it stays in place while you decorate. Make it a contest to see which family member has the best and most colorful peep house on the block!

No matter how you celebrate the season, we hope that you have fun making memories with your kids of any age!