Leverage Our Programs to Maximize SY 2020-21 Fundraising

October 10, 2020

Worry that COVID-19’s economic impacts and social distancing requirements could make the usual approaches to fundraising difficult?  Our WholesomeGives Fundraising Programs can help fill that gap, so be sure you’re making the most of them.  Here are some helpful tips and best practices from the most successful schools in our program:

  • Maximize the WholesomeGives Automatic Donation by continuously promoting the program throughout the year. Remember that a portion of every meal purchase is automatically donated back to your school.  This can really add up over the course of the year!
  • Include information about the lunch program on your website. Schools that receive the highest donations from us do this consistently.  It is one of the most powerful steps you can take to increase participation in your program.
  • Include information about the lunch program in summer/Back-to-School communications to families.
  • Promote the program at your Back-to-School events. You supply a table and a volunteer, and we’ll supply everything else you need to build awareness and enthusiasm for your lunch program.
  • Use the program for meal delivery for after school and community events. The Automatic Donation isn’t limited to meals purchased for lunch.  Encourage your PTA, booster clubs, sports teams and other groups to use the Wholesome Food Services program if they need meal delivery/group dining.
  • Publicize the program throughout the school year. Include basic information about the program in every newsletter.  If you send home weekly folders, include the printable weekly order reminder every week.
  • Share information about the lunch program with prospective families and new students. Put print versions of our materials in the information packets you provide to prospective families, and in the enrollment materials you send out to new students.
  • Remember that faculty and staff can use the program too! Post printable materials in faculty/staff break areas so that they can enjoy ordering lunch too.

Let Us Help You Schedule Monthly or Quarterly Special Fundraiser Meals

  • Many schools work with us to offer pizza-by-the-slice or smoothie fundraisers once a month or once a quarter. Parents and kids love these special days, and participation is high.  On average, schools that work with us to coordinate these events earn $1,500 per event; some earn even more.  Consider designating one day per month as a Fundraiser Lunch with a special menu.  Contact our team at support@wfs-wordpress.azurewebsites.net for more information on how we can help you plan an event that your families will love!